Shasta County Mini Maker Faire Challenges for 2018


We are excited to announce student team challenges that will be taking place at the Shasta County Mini Maker Faire designed specifically for kids. Teachers, bring your class! After school programs, bring your students! Club leaders, bring a team! Parents bring your children! Kids, get your buddies together and start Making!


Three are build-at-Maker-Faire challenges, but please feel free to bring a design made at home to the Faire to show off there! One, Balsa Wood Challenge, is a build at home and bring to the faire to test challenge.



Straw Rocket Challenge

  1. North State STEM – straw rocket challenge

Strawkets! Your challenge if you choose to accept it… Create a rocket that travels the farthest with accuracy. Your only materials: 1 sheet of copy paper, 1 straw, 20 cm of clear or masking tape, and scissors (can’t be part of your rocket) For more information visit:





Nerdy Derby Track

  1. Nerdy Derby

Pinewood Derby with a Maker twist. Our 25′ gravity track gives participants a chance to see if they are the fastest, slowest, favorite, or best wipeout. Design and build your car at our craft tables or bring your favorite pinewood car from home. For track specifications and more info visit this website and download track specifications below:

Nerdy Derby Track Specifications and Car Examples for Download







Keva Plank Challenge

  1. Keva Plank Tower Challenge

Your Challenge: build the tallest possible free-standing tower built purely with Keva planks. No adhesives are allowed but measuring tapes, step-stools, and ladders will be provided. The world record is over 51 feet! How high can you go? This is a build at the faire challenge.






Structure Challenge


  1. Balsa Wood Structure Challenge

North State Shasta Odyssey of the Mind presents Balsa Wood Structure Challenge. Build a tower out of nothing  but balsa wood and glue that will support as much weight as possible. Bring your structure to the Maker Faire on Sept. 15, 2018 at the Shasta District Fairgrounds. Your tower will be placed in an official Odyssey of the Mind “Crusher” to determine it’s maximum weight held. Crushing demonstrations  will be from 2pm to 3pm.

Pre-register to receive a special prize!

Details  and specifications at: